About Us

Greetings fromĀ https://www.noQnow.com//

History would remember Year 2020, Where all mankind were united by staying away from each other.

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) can spread very fast. Best solvution to break the chain was Social Distancing. Governments imposed Nationwide Lockdown for 21 Days starting from 25 Mar 2020. Keeping the essential services open.

As saying goes, "Necessity is mother of all inventions". To solve the long waits in the queue in front of the shops with social distancing, was the start of https://www.noQnow.com

While building the solution, we are working a model for a common man, who holds a key pad dialing mobile with no internet. For catering this service, we have built a IVR system which would help the customer to book a slot and on successful booking, system would send a confirmation booking with date time and pin as a SMS.

For advance users with smart phones or desktop with internet access, we hosted our services on https://www.noQnow.com. From the website customers can book a slot and view all upcoming slots and cancel slot, if not required.

This project was built with pure service intention. We are not charging the customer for providing the service nor we plan to charge the Shops for deploying the solution.

We look forward, to solve the present day India's biggest problem of executing the operation "Janata Curfew" in smooth and efficient manner.

We are in... Are you part of it...by staying at home... Stay Safe...

-Team noQnow.com.com